#MyImageMyChoice is a coalition of survivors and advocates calling for reform in law and government policy on image-based sexual abuse. The campaign first focused on legislation in England and Wales and will expand to focus on US legislation in early 2021. It creates a safe and supportive environment for victims to speak about experiences of image-based sexual abuse – either privately or publicly – and connects them to lawmakers and those with the power to make change.


We also work to place our survivors stories with major media outlets. #MyImageMyChoice has been featured in Now This, The Sunday Times, Channel 4 News, the Daily Express, the MIT Technology Review, with upcoming coverage by the BBC, Vogue, Radio 5 Live, 60 Minutes, MTV, the Huffington Post and more. The #MyImageMyChoice petition on Change.org has garnered nearly 50,000 signatures. Our media coverage has reached over 150,000 impressions.


Our survivor testimonies have contributed to the English Law Commission’s current review into laws covering “making, taking and sharing intimate images without consent.” Our work has garnered the support of several members of UK Parliament including Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Jess Phillips, Maria Miller.


We have partnered with leading advocates and experts in this space, such as:


Launched as a movement in February 2018 following the Harvey Weinstein revelations and #MeToo, the movement is dedicated to ensuring safe, fair and dignified work for everyone.


Power Play Productions

A feminist production company and gender equality research organisation.


Victims of Image Crime

A peer support group, a confidential and safe space for experiencers (also referred to as victims)/survivors of image-based sexual abuse.


Dr Aislinn O’Connell

Lecturer in Law, Royal Holloway University of London, focused on the legal mechanisms available for removal of private sexual images from online.


Reconfigure Project

A feminist cybersecurity project at Oxford University that uses community-based participatory methods and feminist approaches to reconfigure cybersecurity research and build public capacity for data privacy and action.


Not Your Porn

‘LEAKED SEX TAPES’ is not a genre. Our mission is to hold the porn industry accountable for the distribution and commercialisation of non-consensual ‘pornography’. Revenge porn and child abuse images are not for sale, and consent should always come before profit.



Founded in late 2018, Sensity is the world’s first visual threat intelligence company. Our mission is to defend individuals and organizations against the threats posed by deepfakes and other forms of malicious visual media.

“I hugely support the campaign’s calls for the right to privacy and agency over images of our bodies and the fact that the law does not support this is an outrage. At Time’s Up UK we are dedicated to ensuring that people are safe, are free from exploitation and abuse and this is why we support the #MyImageMyChoice campaign” Dame Heather Rabbatts, Chair Time’s Up UK
"I welcome the #MyImageMyChoice campaign and support the coalition of survivors and advocates who are calling for a new Government Bill which tackles image-based sexual abuses" Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Member of UK Parliament


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